This morning on the KLAQ MoSho, we have tickets for tonight's Nine Inch Nails show at the Don Haskins Center.

In honor of NIN, our contest is "Words That Begin With 'NIN'".   Here are the clues (below). Remember, each of the words begins with "nin" and you'll need to call in to the KLAQ Morning Show at 915-880-4955 when we tell you.

To see the clues, click on "read more", below...

A masked Japanese Assassin


The coolest home video game consol of the


One of the original MTV Veejays


A stupid or ridiculous person


A brand of cat food.


A nervous or silly person


Drug Dealer and crime lord played by Wesley Snipes in New Jack City


A city in the bible that Jonah goes to after he his swallowed by a large fish