After we started announcing about Metallica coming to El Paso people assumed I had a reserved seat. Not even like that at all. Family and friends keep asking me to get them tickets when I can't even get my own. I wouldn't do anything for a Klondike bar but I would do some crazy sh*t for a pair of Metallica tickets.

I provided a list of things I think are extreme but worth earning a seat to the sold-out show. You're lucky you have a shot at winning some tickets! You should double check your phone before the weekend ends. Having your KLAQ app notifications turned on will give you that closer step to winning free tickets. ONLY throught the KLAQ App notifications will you have access to the contest entry form. Participants MUST BE 18-years-old or older to enter this contest. One entry per day, for each word.

Not only can you win through the free KLAQ app but also have a chance next Friday (Feb. 22) by tuning in and listening to me at 5 pm.! If I am willing to go to the extremes you will see in the poll below, would you? If you had to do one of the choices listed below for tickets, vote for your preferred dare.

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