It's turning out to be quite the productive and creatively rewarding trip for Nikki Sixx as he enjoys his travels in Australia. Sixx is currently touring Down Under with Motley Crue and he's been using his downtime to work through new music.

Earlier this week, Sixx posted about trying to complete a new Sixx: A.M. track for their forthcoming album and how even though it was beautiful outside, he was so inspired that he planned to remain in his hotel room to finish off the track. Now Sixx has revealed that he's also working on Motley Crue material during this trek, as well. Oh, and there's also the matter of that 'Heroin Diaries' Broadway production, which is filling up whatever remaining time he has.

In his latest Facebook journal posting from the tour, Sixx writes:

Sitting here at the hotel looking out over this massive park with a gothic church sitting in the background. What a beautiful city and a beautiful view from my room. We flew in a little while ago from Melbourne where we did two sold out shows. So far we’ve had huge {and very rowdy} crowds in Australia, so I think I’ll soak up this quiet moment because to be honest it’s been f---ing loud lately. I haven’t really had a chance to update this journal cause as usual I’ve been burning the candle at both ends again. On show days, not only do we record the 'Sixx Sense' radio shows but we also record 'The Side Show Countdown.' Then of course there is press, the meet and greets and then its show time. Once I make it back to the hotel I end up playing guitar or bass for a few hours before it all starts up the next day. No complaining here, just noticing how I keep myself pretty busy to keep from missing my kids, Courtney and everything else waiting back home.

The other night Mick [Mars] and me wrote some pretty cool riff’s that I am gonna go through tonight. Always one of the best parts of the songwriting process is just jamming on stuff. Mars is always good for pulling magic out of thin air like that. I think we have a pretty rich history together….

Going through the 3rd draft of the Broadway play and I feel we are getting really close. This is process is all about team work and I am having the time of my life….Just think that at some point in the near future my diaries that got turned into a book and then a soundtrack to a book will be on a stage with live actors and music……

More later, right now I am gonna go scrounge around the city with my Leica.

Motley Crue are currently touring Australia with Kiss, bringing 'The Tour" that was so successful in the U.S. last year to new audiences.