During Motley Crue’s set at the Sun Bowl on Friday, Nikki Sixx took a few moments to address the crowd.

Def Leppard And Mötley Crüe "The World Tour" At Sheffield Bramall Lane
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He reminded everyone that El Paso was special to him because he had lived in Anthony, New Mexico as a child.

So, we’ve heard Nikki Sixx talk about (partially) growing up in and around El Paso.

He’s even talked about his best friend from Anthony, Juan, and how he’d really like to find out what happened to him.

Here’s my question: does anyone know WHERE Nikki Sixx lived in Anthony?

It’s not that big of a town and SOMEBODY must have an idea where the Sixx homestead was.

It may not exist anymore but, if it does, it might be a cool thing to fix up and put a historical marker next to.

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In my hometown of Tulsa, they found the house from The Outsiders and now it’s a spot people go out of their way to check out.

In that video from Friday, Nikki gives a couple of clues.

He said Anthony NEW MEXICO so we can a narrow down which SIDE of Anthony the house is located.

Also, he said, “out in the middle of nowhere”. Maybe it’s on the outskirts of town.

Or, more likely, Nikki Sixx considered ALL of Anthony to be “the middle of nowhere”.

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So, if you have any memories of the kid who would grow up to become the bass player for one of the GREATEST rock bands of all time…do us a favor and give us a lead.

However, you wouldn’t have known a kid named “Nikki” or even “Nikkolas”.

As “The Dirt” told us, Nikki was actually known as Frank or Frankie Carlton Serafino Feranna Jr.

What do you say, Anthonians?

Any leads on the childhood home of Nikki Sixx?

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