There was a point in time Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx once lived in El Paso. It wasn't just once but actually several more times after bouncing around. But after their last stop in El Paso, his family returned back to Twin Falls. During that time Nikki Sixx spent in El Paso he met someone that not only was a friend but a best friend. That best friend happens to go by the name Juan but no clue on the last name.

Earlier today Nikki took to Instagram and posted his long lost best friend Juan to his story. It is always nice to reconnect with past time friends but is quite difficult when you've moved around quite a bit. Hopefully, Juan will recognize himself posing with famous bassist, Nikki Sixx. I hope Nikki Sixx can be reunited with his best friend Juan. Let's make this happen so be sure to share and help him have a reunion.

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