Oh yes he di-id .... well, he's going to anyway!

The Heroin Diaries, Sixxs' autobiographical chronicle of a year in his life is headed for teh great white way!

The book details a year in Sixxs' life when his personal life was a shambles and his addictions to coke and heroin were blazing out of control.  (He, as we all know, eventually cleaned up and moved on!)

If you haven't read the book, you should ... it's awesome. Labeled "disturbing" by many due to it's often brutal honesty; it shows you ... through a junkies eyes ... how painful and terrible that life can be.  Even when you're young, rich and on top of the world, the gutter is always just below your feet.

He tells a few tales in it of his time as a young boy living here in El Paso! (He used to shop lift toy cars and stuff from a grocery store on the east side!)

My favorite part though is when he reacts to an earthquake by running out of his house (gakked out of his mind of course) naked and waving a crack pipe around!


You won't have to just read about it for much longer, Nikki has confirmed that his tale is going on Broadway in late 2013 or early to mid '14! Life IS beautiful!

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