We're collecting donations for the Humane Society of El Paso and raising awareness for El Pasoans to bring their furry friends in from the cold! At Nico's expense.

This weekend, the El Paso Spring Home Show has expanded to include a Pet Expo as well! Bring your pets to this event and you can enter the Pet/Owner lookalike contest and check out some of the awesome pet vendors onsite.

KLAQ will also be partnering with the Humane Society of El Paso to help the nonprofit raise donations. This time of year can also be extremely cold for your pets, and many people still think it's okay to leave them outside all night, even in the below freezing temps. To help raise awareness to this issue, we have decided to have Nico spend the night outside of the El Paso Convention Center all night in a doghouse, provided by PetSmart.

So what is going to keep Nico warm all night? YOU ARE!

Bring down your donations of new or used blankets or towels and give them to Nico to keep Nico warm. You are his only defense against the freezing elements inside of his doghouse. To make sure he really does sleep in the doghouse all night, Buzz will be joining him, but in a comfortably heated RV located next to the doghouse.

Stop by the Convention Center Plaza anytime between 6 pm Friday and 10 am Saturday. All donations given to Nico overnight will then be donated to the Humane Society of El Paso. The Humane Society accepts any blankets or towel donations, except for comforters. The animals tend to shred those.

Come out this Friday night and KEEP NICO WARM!

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