Nickelback recently readdressed the question of why everyone loves to hate on them.

Nickelback have been a hit machine musically and, personally, I think THAT is why so many people hate them. They've been accused of writing syrupy sweet music that is predictable and bland which, their true fans seem to love but, everyone else hates. Guitarist Ryan Peakes recently played the criticisms down online:

... everybody gets their degree of hate and degree of detractors and vitriol on the Internet. - blabbermouth

A study was actually done about why they get hated on so much and it indicated that music critics haven't been fair to Nickelback and their diatribe has just been picked up by rock fans in general. Critics do have a propensity to kinda feed off each other and the study found the same comments and critiques over and over again. The habit many critics have of just regurgitating the words of other critics is fairly well known and critics themselves aren't necessarily geniuses. They're just people with an opinion, just like you and I.

The rock fan hatred I think stems from the same root, people like to gather among like-minded individuals and agree on what's cool, what's not cool, what's badass, what's lame, etc. Ditto for the criticism they get from other musicians. I've seen them live though and, just so you know, their shows are killer. They're actually a little heavier than you might think so, the people who think they're wimpy need to go see them before passing judgment ...

Anyway, no one can see what you're typing ... presumably ... and this poll doesn't name names so, I'd like to know what you really think. Honestly. Not because of what your peeps or the critics think or say but, you personally.

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