The Green Bay Packer lost the necklace, which contains his father's ashes, after scoring a touchdown during Monday night's game. It has since been recovered. NFL star and El Pasoan Aaron Jones had quiet a night during his game on Monday against the Detroit Lions. Jones scored four touchdowns during the game and was the MVP for his team, per Yahoo News.

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Jones also had a special cheering squad at the game for him, in the spot where he usually looked for his late father. Alvin Jones, Sr. passed away in April from COVID-19 and was always seen at Jones' home games. Now, his 15-deep family cheering squad was there to let Aaron know he wasn't alone during his first home game since his father's passing.

While the show of support was heartwarming, Aaron also had to make sure his dad was there with him as well physically. Aaron wore a tiny football charm necklace that contained some of his late father's ashes. After scoring a touchdown, Aaron lost the necklace in the endzone. While some fans were saddened by this news, Jones said told ESPN his dad would be happy about the way he lost it:

"I'll go look for it. But I know he's happy. He'd be happy, and say, 'If you lose it anywhere, lose it in the end zone.'"

Aaron Jones said he would look in the endzone after the game and according to his Twitter at 1:45 a.m. the necklace was found:

After finding the necklace, fans are wondering if Jones will wear the necklace again during games. We're just thankful he was able to find this priceless piece of jewelry.

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