A player in the NFL got his start at UTEP by scamming his way into a full scholarship!! 

Jon Dorenbos ... ex - Bills, Titans, Eagles and Saints long snapper ... has a really interesting story and UTEP figures prominently in it. It starts and ends sadly but, the middle is great.

As a young boy, his Father murdered his mother and he went to live with foster parents before being taken in by his aunt and uncle.  His two favorite things helped get him through the tough times, magic and sports.

He was pretty good at both but, his best magic trick ever was fooling UTEP into believing that he was a great long snapper. He faked some footage and had a friend at UTEP show it to the coaches. They bought it and gave him a full scholarship!  He spent all summer practicing his ass off and got good enough to not only play well for UTEP but to earn himself the NFL gigs.

Unfortunately, a heart condition forced him to quit the game. On the upside, he's still a pretty good magician and his story is heading for the big screen!

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