It's snake season across the country and, in Arizona, the rattlesnakes have peeps on edge. Even professional athletes ...

Arizona, New Mexico and west Texas have it easy when it comes to venomous snakes. West Texas only has rattlesnakes to worry about. They'll do you a solid and warn you before things get real.

Arizona and New Mexico have only 2 that can be deadly, rattlers and coral snakes. The rattlers in Arizona are not only deadly, they're getting annoying. Arizona rattlers have been popping up in some interesting places and visiting some well known folks. Check out these stories of "rattlers rattling residents".

Rattler Giving Birth On The Family Porch

This Arizona family didn't find a ... singular ... rattler at their place, they walked in on a mama rattler squirting out, not 1 or 2 but, 12 young 'uns. Can you imagine if they hadn't been there at the actual birth?  They could have been finding rattlesnakes around the house for weeks.

Rattlesnake birthing season is, generally, August through September so, heads up if you live in an area known to have rattlers.

Rattlesnake Wakes Arizona Woman, Runs Her From Bedroom

This one just wanted to take a nap I guess. Since the homes human resident was using the bed at the time, he woke her first to ask if he could climb in. I guess that was his plan, the resident didn't stick around to ask him ...

He then went in to use the restroom which is where he was captured by a professional snake handler.

Rattlesnakes Annoy Celebrities Too

Wanna know how to make a big, tough NFL star cry like like a little girl? Put a rattler in his bathroom.

In his 2nd year with the Arizona Cardinals, JJ Watt found a rattlesnake in his bathroom. He documented his ordeal on his "X" page including its slightly embarrassing ending.

"You ever wanna feel like a wimp, that's the way to do it", he says.

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