If you're an NFL fan but don't watch Hard Knocks, you are really missing out. I didn't start watching until the season with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2013. They had a marathon on NFL Network and I was hooked. Spent my whole Sunday watching it.

This season we'll get to see the training camp of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Which should be interesting, simply because of Jameis Winston. But, again, if you've never seen the show, they don't generally follow the big name players that much. The show is really focused on the guys on the bubble, struggling for a roster spot.

Here are some great moments from previous Hard Knocks. Oh, and by the way, does that sound like Ray Donovan? Because it's totally Liev Schreiber.

First, we have Vontae Davis getting traded, and really wanting to make a phone call. Videos courtesy of NFL.

Here is Brian Cushing calling out Alfred Blue.


Vince Wilfork dominates at basketball.



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