Emily and I are back with a brand new episode of "What the Buzz." Head on over to our new home- Spotify to listen in on the the newest episode titled "The Triangle of Hope." Emily is back from vacation, and we are so glad she's alive; she was out in California during the earthquake!

In this new episode, Emily talks to us about the cool art pop up art installation called "I Like Scary Movies." You can check out all the awesome pictures she took here. We also talk about that earthquake that happened in L.A. while she was there. It was Emily's first earthquake, and in honor of that, Lisa- Ms. Queen of California, gave both of us an earthquake quiz. Emily did better than I did, but we also found out what a "Triangle of Hope" is.

Check out the episode on Spotify! I can confirm that a new episode is on the way soon because we JUST FINISHED recording a new one. Until next time!

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