There's news that will please half of the population and displease the other remaining half. I remember I was one of the many that went nuts for the Twilight books back in the day. The novel series was always told from Bella's perspective helping you understand her complicated love story from her side. When Twilight turned into a big thing the other remaining half of the population was annoyed.

I don't like being the bearer of bad news so I will be the bearer of good news for those who are Twilight fans. The author Stephenie Meyer was on Good Morning America revealing her upcoming book release. Her new book does tie into the Twilight series but this will be told from Edward's side this time. The new book's title is called Midnight Sun and is set to be hitting the shelves this late summer. According to Entertainment Weekly, Stephenie Meyer gave a snippet of her new work in 2008.  Stephenie Meyer's new (more than likely) masterpiece will be out on August 4. The author, Stephenie Meyer made a good move here because it will answer all the questions you had about Edward's life.

There must be tons of fans rejoicing and some of their significant others mourning the revival of the Twilight story. It sounds like the craze for vampire Edward is going to start all over again. I am wondering if you will either be a part of that craze or part of the group that hopes it ends soon. Let me know in the box below if you're ready for the vampire craze to happen all over again.

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