Who doesn't like new rock? I know I do! Working here at the Q, nothing thrills me more than cramming new rock into your eardrums! Whether it's a band that's been around or new up and coming bands, I love giving you our dedicated listeners something to open up the senses.

The dream of being in a creative development and bringing it for our ears to devour rings out like Christmas morning to the masses. It's exciting! Bands like September Mourning, Five Finger Death Punch, Black Veil Brides are all bringing us new rock and the wait is almost over.

With all the rock that gets around the line is getting to be very clear, it's here to stay. The revolving door to rock is spinning and the loudness about to infect is more contagious than one can handle, or is it? All the new rock and all the old rock will ultimately remain new to the unheard ears of the generations in anticipation!