A New Mexico Woman has been accused of calling in a bomb threat to get out of a meeting with her parole officer.

You would think there was an eaiser way to get out of going to your probation meeting. I mean, who can say still come in if you have explosive diarrhea? Or you could also just go to your meeting like you're supposed to. But apparently that was a little too difficult for one New Mexico woman. She took matters into her own hands to get out of going to a meeting with her probation officer.

On November 15th, someone called in a bomb threat to the Espanola Probation and Parole Office. The office was evacuated due to the caller telling a 911 operator that two men were headed to the office with a pipe bomb. Anyone who had an appointment at the office that day was turned away. That included Josephine Muniz from Dixon, New Mexico who had a meeting in the office that day.

According to KRQE, when police tracked the phone call that gave the "tip" about the bomb threat, the call was traced back to Muniz's cell phone. Police arrested Muniz, who claimed that another woman used her hone and must have made the phone call. Officers who arrested Muniz disagree though, saying that the voice on the call was clearly Muniz's. No word on what she was on probation for, or what her punishment will be.