New Mexico has contracted with a third party to use cell phone data to see how peeps are adhering to social distance rules and to design new restrictions.

Be careful if you're not following the state-mandated social distancing rules, your cell phone data may be held against you. It will also, apparently, be used to design new social distance restrictions.

CNN reported that:

...the state is using a third party to gather cell phone data, and that it will be used to develop social distancing models that will gauge how well residents are adhering to the stay-at-home order.

The Trump administration is interested in your data too. According to CNN, they're in talks with companies like Facebook and Google to use our cell phone info to track the spread of the coronavirus. (Yes, that is really possible and they can do it.) Is this to truly help document the spread of the coronavirus or, is it an experiment in tracking the daily movements of American citizens?

How do you feel?

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