Every state has cities that are good to live in and those that are also home to people with a bit more money, even New Mexico. In fact, a recent study compiled the top 10 richest cities in New Mexico for 2024, so you can see just what places are home to some of the wealthiest,

Do you have any guesses as to what 10 cities made the top of the list? Think about it, come up with some guesses, and then see if you were right at the bottom of this story.

What determined the richest cities in New Mexico?

Not only are the richest cities in New Mexico great places to live, but they are also home to some wealthy people. For example, according to HomeSnacks, the richest city in the state has a median household income of $94,966 and a poverty rate of about 3.39%.

The overall top 10 list was determined by analyzing Census data from the 37 places in New Mexico with a population of over 3,000.

Have you ever wondered about living in a "rich" city?

I've always liked to drive through cities where it's obvious the majority of people living there make a bitttt more money than me. The same goes for the more upper-class neighborhoods in my home city.

I enjoy being able to see all of the large homes and wonder what they're decorated like inside, or even how I would decorate a particular home. Sometimes you can get a glimpse inside New Mexico mansions with real estate photos, like this over $19 million one for sale. 

But for now, I'll just continue imagining as I look through these 10 richest cities in New Mexico:

The 10 Richest Cities in New Mexico

Every state has its cities that are more well-off than others. For New Mexico, these are the 10 richest cities for 2024:

Most Expensive Home in New Mexico

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The Oldest Home In New Mexico

Interior and exterior photos of the oldest home in New Mexico

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