The governor of New Mexico says Santa is healthy as a reindeer and can absolutely visit New Mexico homes this year while Texas Gov. Greg Abbott remains silent.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has officially cleared Santa to come down all the chimneys he wants in New Mexico this year, despite the ongoing pandemic. According to her, Santa is immune to the coronavirus.

Grisham's office on Wednesday announced that she'd issued a proclamation assuring New Mexico children that health experts had determined that the coronavirus poses no danger to Santa and his hoofed helpers.

As for the formalities, the proclamation designates Santa as an essential worker and exempts him from New Mexico's social distancing and travel requirements. - KVIA

The Governor advised her fellow New Mexicans to "please be safe, please tell your loved ones you love them, and hold tight to the hope of next year, a brighter tomorrow, and putting this pandemic behind us". (KVIA)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has so far had nothing to say about this. Either he knows something Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham doesn't or, he feels that Santa will find an alternate delivery method. Drones maybe, who knows? All I know is, if Texas is a total no-fly zone for jolly old Saint Nick, there's going to be trouble in and around Anthony for years. The kids on the New Mexico side of the city will NEVER let the kids on the Texas side live this down.

C'mon Governor Abbott, only you can prevent "Hatfield 'n McCoy" type feuds for future generations.

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