One New Mexico brewery has made a list of the best breweries in the US. No Texas breweries made this list so props to the Land of Enchantment! Whether you're a beer snob, or just a fan of an ice cold beer, you know we are living in the golden age of craft brews. There are over six thousand breweries in the United States, working tirelessly to create the finest pints possible, with the best ingredients on earth. With that many breweries in the country, it's not a surprise that there is a lot of competition in the craft beer industry. Thrillist decided to gather beer aficionados from four regions of the US and get their expert opinion on what breweries are hottest beer spots. From breweries making new waves in the industry, names that have attracted cult followings and the places that have brews so good they've become destination spots for beer lovers.

There were some pretty impressive names on the list, like the massive Sweetwater Brewing in Atlanta, Georgia which is the largest brewery in the Southeast. I can't make my way through the Atlanta airport without grabbing a pint at Sweetwater's Last Cast Bar. But there are also the lesser known names like Highland Park Brewing of Los Angeles, showing us the City of Angels has more than just traffic to offer.

From New Mexico, the Boxing Bear Brewing Company in Albuquerque has made the list as one of the best in the nation and they have the awards to prove it. Here's what Ezra Johnson-Greenough, founder of Portland Beer Week and The New School beer blog had to say about them:

"This brewery on the banks of the Rio Grande is staunchly standing up for the New Mexico craft brewing scene, like some sort of beer-drenched John Ford western. Boxing Bear brought the cavalry out for a recent run of gold medal-winning beers, including their Featherweight Session IPA at the 2018 North American Beer Awards and another gold earlier in the year for their Chocolate Milk Stout at the prestigious World Beer Cup. I hear a sequel to Rio Grande is in the works where a digitally resurrected (but still past his prime) John Wayne will take on a Boxing Bear voiced by Kevin Hart and played by Glenn Ennis, reprising his role as the bear from The Revenant. Well, probably not. But at least the beer will continue to be great."

That last beer he describes, I'd be first in line to purchase and drink. But the original sounds pretty good too. Find out more about the Boxing Bear Brewery and their location at their website.

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