One thing that's for certain about the Southwest, there are some extremely talented artists in the area; you can see so many from El Paso here. Las Cruces has its share of amazing artists too; one in particular got assigned to painting the main visitors center in town and social media is excited.

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Who's the artist?

Anahy Nuñez, aka glassjawbabe, is a respected artist/tattoo artist who lives in Las Cruces. She currently has a huge following on social media with over 23k followers on Instagram alone. Lately, she's been working on a new mural in March. Her work has been shown off by the official Las Cruces Instagram post, giving us a little tease on how the mural is looking. A mural Anahy is calling: Con Armor.

You can see more love for Glassjawbabe's mural taken from the IG user, onawhimartmh,

Where else can I find Anahy's art in Las Cruces?

You can actually see many more of her murals all over Las Cruces. She was recently showcased on DowntownLasCruces, where she explained her love for painting & they showed off more of her work that she's done in the past. Probably one of her most well known pieces of work is the "Greetings From Las Cruces" mural.

When will this new mural be finished?

Well anyone who's painted, drawn, or sculpted anything before can tell you: good art takes time. She currently hasn't said when it'll be finished; but once it IS, you know people will share videos & photos about it online.

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