Another adult frozen beverage shop will be opening up soon on the Eastside of El Paso. I know quite a few friends of mine will be excited about this kind of news. Their excitement is mostly over saving gas when they need to scoop up their frozen drink fix. They would always complain and say how the Eastside of El Paso needed an Eskimo Hut. Times they would vent about how they're having to use so much gas to get their alcoholic slushy fix. Hell, sometimes they would even ask me for the favor of scooping up a few drinks on my way home from work. Luckily, the adult frozen beverages are not that far from where I work and can get my fix on the way home. Except I don't really stop for cold ones anymore since I became a new mom earlier this year. But I am sure Eastside residents are happy to know Eskimo Hut will now have another location opening soon.

Eskimo Hut is your place to order some alcoholic slushy beverages on the go. Plus, they not only sell frozen drinks but also have jell-O shots available. Some Eastside residents first resorted to Eskimo Hut's Westside location then to Montana's but now have another option. Except, the so-called new Eskimo Hut location has no correlation to the other Eskimo Hut locations on North Mesa and Montana in El Paso. But the address for this new Eskimo Hut location will be at 2204 Joe Battle Blvd. Suite D201. Cheers to a closer location for far Eastsiders.

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