Remember when Adam Sandler was the biggest thing in movies? From Billy Madison, to Happy Gilmore, to Mr. Deeds. Even the often forgotten about Bulletproof with Damon Wayans was a great movie.

Well, just over a couple years ago, Sandler signed a deal with Netflix and most people thought Netflix was getting hosed on that deal. Sandler's career was on the way down, and his movies weren't any good. The numbers, however, show otherwise.

Just look at the numbers Sandler's movies are pulling in on Netflix according to Engadget. Since the launch of The Ridiculous 6, people have watched more than HALF A BILLION hours of Adam Sandler movies. How does that break down monthly? That's almost 30 MILLION hours a MONTH. So of course, Netflix has renewed Sandler's contract, just before the release of his latest movie, Sandy Wexler. And I think I might have to take one for the team, and actually watch the Sandler/Netflix movies.