How long has it been since you set foot inside an arcade? Do you remember what your favorite game to play was? I was a "House of the Dead" player myself.

Louie Castro Garcia via Unsplash
Louie Castro Garcia via Unsplash

These days it's real simple to go back to arcades with the rising popularity of arcade bars. But, before that, for me, it had been years since I had gone to an arcade. I still remember the sounds coming from all the games and that moment where you finally completed the level you'd been playing.

If you're a video game aficionado, then you have to book a visit to Frisco, Texas where you'll find the National Videogame Museum. Located at 8004 N. Dallas Parkway in Frisco, where you'll not only get to see some of your old favorites, you'll actually get to play them the way there were intended to be played; in an arcade!

The National Videogame Museum gives you the entire history of your favorite videogames, you may be surprised to find out something you didn't know before!

This museum definitely doesn't look like it's run like a regular old museum; and I think I'm more impressed at the fact that you can also play The Oregon Trail; talk about a flashback to the second grade!

How many videogames could you name? And which one would you play first?

Get your tokens ready and level up your trip to Frisco with a visit to the National Videogame Museum. You can find out times and admission prices (which isn't bad) here.

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