Yep, you read that right ... they're giving away a freakin' rocket. For Free!!

NASA has an old, Saturn 5 rocket ... similar to the one in the video ... laying around and I guess they're tired of tripping over it. Assuming you have a quarter of a million dollars to cover the cost of delivery, you can have it.

I don't want it but, I do have a truck if you need a hand hauling it over here. I also have a really big yard so, you could park it at my place for a few days if you need to. Just 'til you get your own launch pad built though, I can't hold on to it forever.

Let me know asap though, ok?  I'm taking a couple of people to Sturgis next week and the rest of the Summer is kinda busy too so, I'll need plenty of notice if you want me to help you!


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