Here are a few things to consider as "Riding Season" begins.

  • 1) Bikers wear leather because it looks cool. Well, yeah, and chicks think it's hot too but, those aren't the only reasons. It also holds up well against cold weather and pavement. If you should have an accident, better to shred that leather than your own hide.
  • 2) Full face helmets restrict visibility. Not really. Modern full face helmets are required by the DOT to provide at least a 210-degree range of view. Plus, they keep the bugs out of your mouth.
  • 3) Loud pipes save lives. Actually, the jury is still out on this one. True, the louder ones are more likely to attract attention. That, however, depends on where you are in relation to the driver. If he's ahead of you, all the noise is being blown backwards. He may not hear you, no matter how much noise you make.

Click here for a few more myths. Unfortunately, most drivers are usually on the phone, yelling at their kids, playing with the radio, etc. Basically, they're NOT looking for you so, ride safe and drivers...please watch out for motorcycles.