There is a show on the Discovery Channel that helps answer your questions about myths. The Mythbusters put your concerns to the test and see the outcome of whether something is a myth or not. Well with Christmas right around the corner they decided to dedicate an episode on determining if Christmas tree lights can spark a fire. This is an important issue that is always addressed around this time of the year.

Christmas time can be dangerous for some if they don't take proper precautions when decorating. There are usually 10,000 fires in the United States that are the cause of 40 deaths every year. Plus, when fires occur due to Christmas tree lights cause over $80 million in damages on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after. Adam and Jamie put this myth to the test and determine if it's a myth that Christmas tree lights can actually spark a fire. Follow these proper precautions to avoid burning your house down with this safety list.

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