Suddenly everyone is an expert on infectious diseases. Just check Facebook. Well, we're here to help you cut through the crap and realize fact from fiction. Here are some common myths that are floating around on social media.

  • Coronavirus is man-made. - This is a common conspiracy theory. People here in the State believe China created this strain of coronvirus and unleashed it on the world. In China, they believe we did it. Neither is true. While it's not really known where this started, it's believed to have started in bats.
  • Home remedies can prevent or cure COVID-19. - I think my favorite thing is holding your breath for 30 seconds is a solid test to find out if you have it. If you can hold your breath for that long and not cough or having chest pain, you don't have it. Well, that's false. So is the myth that drinking a bunch of water will flush the virus out of your system. That's not how it works.
  • Black people and children can't get the COVID-19. - Anyone can get it. Just ask Idris Elba. He tested positive. And yes, kids can get it. However, it isn't as dangerous for kids. The older you are, the more dangerous it is. And race doesn't have anything to do with it.
  • Everyone should wear a mask. - This one isn't as cut and dry as the others. Right now there is a major shortage in masks here in the US. If you do have COVID-19, you should be in quarantine and not going anywhere. You should also be wearing a mask just in case.
  • Heat can kill the virus. - This has been passed around since the beginning of the new year. Once summer hits, the heat will kill the virus. No, no it won't.
  • The virus can be transmitted through the mail. - You are safe you get your mail. The virus doesn't last very long on surfaces. So unless you are being handed your mail directly from your mailman who has COVID-19, you're safe to get your mail.
  • People who get COVID-19 will die. - While this isn't exactly a myth because it can be deadly, the percentage is still low and has a lot to do with age.

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