Our vending machine here always has random stuff in it, usually that I don't want. Here's what I think some people around the office would want to see in the vending machine of our dreams.

  • Cigarettes

    Between me, Scott, Chad, Ray, and a few of the sales guys we could have the vending machine people making some serious money. But we all smoke different brands so we would have to come to a common ground on that.

  • Protein Bars

    This would mostly be used by Mando when he was here but judging by how much he eats them it would still be a good investment for the vending machine people.

  • Nail Polish

    This would be for KISS station's Patty. She's obsessed with nail art and to be honest, she has some pretty sweet looking nails. I can imagine a lot of other women in the office would be using this too.

  • Starbucks Coffee

    This would be used by our boss Kevin daily, and because of the convenience hourly. He always goes to Starbucks to get his coffee and having it in the building would make his coffee breaks even easier.

  • Jack Daniels

    This would be mostly for Scott Ronson, but I figure knowing the workers here at the station we would all be drinking some of that!

  • Monster Energy Drinks

    This item would be mostly for me. I am obsessed with them and drink them almost daily. I know they are bad for me but I love them so much! I'd get one daily if they were here in the building.

  • Beer

    If a day at work got too stressful, it'd be nice to just walk to the break room and grab a cold one to relax at your desk with. Or even better, set up the conference table as a beer pong table and see who would dominate. You could even do teams! Sales staff vs. on air, men vs. women, you name it. I see the work environment getting a lot more fun with that.

    Flickr User Thomas Backa