There are some unusual spirits hanging around the KLAQ studios. I was a part of a ghost hunt with Johnnie Walker and the late Scott Ronson 7 years ago. Most of the staff have felt some kind of unusual presence in the building. When I used to work the graveyard shift, I HATED using the restroom because of the video above. I remember that night vividly and how it scared the hell out of us.

Rumors of Ghosts at Townsquare Media El Paso

Back in the day of Mike & Tricia Mornings, our partner stations prior morning show hosts invited a medium to speak to this ghost. What this medium could feel, relates to what was felt by all of us that night. Rumor has it, the station ghost likes to hang out in the woman's bathroom. We also have tons of spirits fo cats in the hallway, but that isn't as scary.

Now rewind to our ghost adventures. I was hella scared and waited outside the bathroom when Johnnie and Scott did their quick seance. Then after the seance we each set up on the sales side of the building. Johnnie Walker and I sat at the end of the hallway near the front office while Scott Ronson sat at the other end by the restrooms. Scott Ronson was becoming a little impatient and rushed the spirit to hurry up and give us a sign. Soon after is when we got scared for our lives and heard the door to the women's restroom make a noise.

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