Dear Mr. Buzzer-Beater  aka #2 Jordan Lathon,

I want to take some time to say congratulations on your awesome victory over Rice! You’re probably wondering why I decided to write this open letter to you in the first place. I have to admit seeing your winning shot on the court with zero time gave me some goosebumps! But thank you for making me realize that last second ALWAYS counts. Next time I’m competing against someone else on the court at Dave and Busters will be a whole other story. Not that I don’t make every second count because I always do. But just before that last second runs out, I WILL NOT stop shooting. Before witnessing your marvelous play, I would stop shooting hoops with basketballs left to throw and seconds left on the clock. Thanks to you I will not let my time go to waste and use every second I can. When I would shoot hoops with someone I would always check my opponent's score and throw in the towel. So thank you again for putting back that competition spark back in me Jordan Lathon!


(Miss took advantage of time) V

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