Themed restaurants have been around for so long, but somehow only the best can make it. In the United States, there are a ton of great themed restaurants, but in Texas, two great themed restaurants made this iconic list.

A theme restaurant is a type of restaurant that uses theming to attract diners by creating a memorable experience. Themes can range from pirates to vampires and even Hobbits. Personally, I'm a big fan of Tiki themes!

Luxatic has created a list of the best 20 themed restaurants in the United States that you must visit and two Texas restaurants made the list!

Among the list, of course, are some of the biggest restaurants from New York and California, but I'm happy to see that coming in at number 17 is San Antonio's Magic Time Machine.

Located at 920 NE Loop 410 in San Antonio, Magic Time Machine is just that- a machine that will take you anywhere in time. It's hard to nail down just one theme in this restaurant because on minute you could be on a retro bus going to the world of Alice in Wonderland and the next, you see Nacho Libre!

Magic Time Machine is more of an experience than just a restaurant- which is something that makes for a memorable dining experience.

Coming in at number 10 on the list, is a place that will make you believe that the Shire is right here in Texas; it's the Hobbit Cafe in Houston.

The Hobbit Cafe, located at 2243 Richmond Avenue in Houston, has been honoring Tolkien's hobbit tradition by serving burgers, sandwiches, seafood, fajitas and more since they opened back in 1972. So if you're looking for second breakfast, and looking to feast like a hobbit, there's not only a full menu with a delicious variety, but also a mead bar that is full of Hobbit-approved beers and wines.

Whether you want to dine with Nacho Libre or have second breakfast, these two Texas restaurants are perfect for Texas foodies!

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