Who would have thought that you could find The Shire right here in Texas? Well you can when you visit this Hobbit Cafe in Houston that is perfect for lovers of second breakfast!

The Hobbit Cafe, located at 2243 Richmond Avenue in Houston, has been honoring Tolkien's hobbit tradition by serving burgers, sandwiches, seafood, fajitas and more since they opened back in 1972.

According to their website, for the first ten years the Hobbit Cafe was open, their menu was entirely vegetarian, these days their menu has expanded, as well as their mead bar that is full of Hobbit-approved beers and wines. Also perfect for first and second breakfast.

Look, I don't know a lot about Tolkien or hobbits but what I do know is those hobbits love to eat- which is something I can relate to. Apparently hobbits have six meals throughout the day!

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And the Hobbit Cafe certainly looks like they take a hobbit feast seriously!

They also offer a good variety for elevenses.

As well as offer some pretty cool Tolkien themed dishes, like this Morgoth Burger complete with FOUR slices of thick bacon, 4 slices of cheese and a smoked jalapeño boudin link then skewered with a jalapeño popper, fried pickles and a cheese shrimp roll.

I don't know who Balrog is in the Tolkien multiverse but by the looks of this Balrog burger, he sounds badass.

And, of course, the restaurant wouldn't be complete without an appearance from Gandalf the White. Behold the Gandalf!

You can find out more about Hobbit Cafe through their Facebook or website.

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