We hear a lot about people performing illegal plastic surgery and putting lives at risk with the garbage they inject into people.  But this story has an explosion of madness that makes it special: The criminal here is a transgender woman, who used to be a man.  "She" is 30-year-old Oneal Ron Morris of Miami Gardens, Florida.

She was arrested for injecting people's buttocks with CEMENT...and "Fix-a-Flat", the gunk for patching flat tires...and Super Glue! And most important, she isn't just a fake doctor, she's also a spokeswoman for that mix. Because it has the World's Most Ridiculous Butt. This cannot be natural.

Judging by her full-body mugshot, her measurements probably check in around 38-30-95.

Police arrested Oneal on Friday after a victim came forward.  That woman had Oneal inject her buttocks with the cement-flat-tire-fix-super-glue combo and ended up being hospitalized with a serious, undisclosed medical issue.

The police believe now that Oneal is in the news, other victims could come forward. If not, judging from Oneal, they  should know where to look.



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