This woman could totally join my cat lady crew.

After spotting a terrified kitten, a brave woman named Laney decided to drive into a busy intersection to save the little fur ball.

Laney captured the rescue on her GoPro as she jumped off her motorcycle to pick up the cat and pass it to a person standing by. Once the cat was safe, she went to get her bike out of the way and drove back to reclaim the cat.

She did decided to keep the cat and has shared with the Reddit community the condition of the cat she named Skidmark. After a trip to the vet the cat is four weeks old and in good health, besides a minor ringworm issue.

Laney speculates that the cat fell out of the undercarriage of a car, which the car owner has her number if they want to reclaim the cat. Until then, Laney is taking care of the cat and Skidmark looks pretty happy with her.

Her good karma is even coming back around already as GoPro has offered to give her a care package for her GoPro mount on her bike. I guess no good deed goes unnoticed!

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