Supercross recap and the lowdown on the Great American Off Road Race ... The General Tire Mint 400 ... INSIDE!!

Here we go ....... Motorcycle Monday!!  Brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports, 910 Livingston in the beautiful Upper Valley!  Looks like they finished up on Bridge Over The River Rio so now; you can get back to setting up your Victory test ride!!  Sweet bikes, check out the one I rode awhile back!!

Anyway, Supercross ....... Indianapolis.  Don't be shocked by this but, guess what??  James Stewart wrecked.  I know ... weird, huh??  Bubba got kinda banged up this time and didn't race again.  He took a pretty good head shot and it was decided by his team that he needed to take the rest of the afternoon off!  He wasn't the only one either.  Him, Windham (due to Stewarts crash), Metcalfe.  A Lites race was red flagged when Kyle Cunningham wiped out.  Must have been something in the air this weekend.

I didn't get to catch the race or even go on line to see what I could find as I was busy trying to not get blown to Cruces all day Sunday. Man, what a freakin sand storm that was huh??  More details available at though!!    

When it comes to playing in the dirt; trucks can get just as wild as bikes!  (Trust me; I knooooooow!!)

The General Tire Mint 400 is coming up pretty soon, check this out:

That would be pretty cool to drive in!!  Watching it seems like it would kinda suck, (live and in person anyway ... hot, bad viewing angles, snakes.) but actually driving in it would rock!!!!!!!

Locally, kind of quiet around here this weekend.  (If anyone was out riding yesterday, you must have saved a lot of gas.  All you had to do was pull your bike out and hope the wind blew you the way you wanted to go!)

Next weekend, my Bros and I The Cremators MC are out and about  to help a family who recently lost their Mother.  I'll give you more details on that later this week ... when, where, how much, etc, etc!!!!

Supercross points and standings below!  

There it went; the fastest couple of minutes in radio ... Motorcycle Monday!!  Brought to us every Monday by Santa Teresa Motorsports and The Q!!

Supercross Results:

1. R. Villopoto KAW

2. J. Brayton HON

3. D. Millsaps YAM

4. B. Metcalfe SUZ

5. C. Seely HON

6. M. Alessi SUZ

7. M. Musquin KTM

8. B. Tickle KAW

9. W. Peick KAW

10. N. Izzi YAM

Supercross Pts

Ryan Villopoto 246

Ryan Dungey 192

James Stewart 177

Davi Millsaps 151

Kevin Windham 146

Justin Brayton 143

Brett Metcalfe 142

Jake Weimer 134

Chad Reed 128

Mike Alessi 128


1. B. Wharton SUZ

2. D. Durham KAW

3. J. Barcia HON

4. B. Baggett KAW

5. J. Canada HON

6. J. Bogle HON

7. M. Lemoine KAW

8. T. Bowers KAW

9. L. Smith KTM

10. S. Rife HON


J. Barcia 120

D Durham 98

B. Wharton 97

B. Baggett 80

K. Roczen 80

Jake Canada 72

Justin Bogle 61

K. Cunningham 43

M. Stewart 42

P. J. Larsen 38