Dungey calls down the thunder in Colorado!

95-5 KLAQ rocks Motorcycle Monday!! Brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports. In the Upper Valley at 910 Livingston, bringing the bikes to the El Paso Downtown Street Festival this year!! Check out the bike show they are presenting both days inside the convention center!

This week, Thunder Valley!! Way up high where the air is thin, the engines suffer and the riders get BEAT!

You'd be surprised what a difference a few thousand feet can make! The bike shave less power, the riders tire much quicker and the track at Thunder Valley is a pretty rough one so everybody earned their flags this weekend!!

Chad Reed gets the fastest practice lap .. 2 minutes, 11 seconds on a track that kept getting more rutted and dried out as the day went on! The first race sees Reed and my man Dungey bar to bar for 30 grueling minutes! Villopoto is the man though, taking the checkered.

Josh Grant re-injured his knee in this race and pulls off the track. Hurting pretty bad apparently!

In the second moto, Reed leads most of it, but look out! Here comes my boy .. Dungey takes it!! the win and the day overall .. nice!! Villopoto gets 2nd place and 2nd overall!! Reed settles for 3rd.

In the Lites, it's Baggett (nice!) Wilson and Tomac on the podium. Points wise, it's Wilson with 214, Rattray with 206 and Baggett in 3rd at 194.

For the big dogs, Dungey who's 3rd in points with 202 takes 1st place .. then Villopoto who's also second in points at 215 followed by reed. 3rd place today, but still leading in points with 223!

I caught a really cool show this weekend on Direct TV. The audience channel (I believe that's what it's called) did a special on Trey Canard that was pretty damn cool. Watch for it .. hopefully they will re-run it at some point!

More pics, more points and motocross maidens await you at supercross.com!

Locally, Organized Chaos had their run Saturday. It wrapped up at Santa Teresa Motorsports with a stunt show featuring Brandy Valdez. She is awesome!! I'll let you know when she is out again, you gotta see her ride!

Sunday, The Road Queens were up! As always, a great time with ladies as they raised money for a young man in need of treatment for cerebral palsy and scoliosis!

More fun coming this weekend and I'll recap it all for you right here, next Monday!

The fastest couple of minutes in radio .. Motorcycle Monday! Brought to you by Santa Teresa Motorsports (remember, catch their bike show this weekend at the El Paso Downtown Street Fest!) and KLAQ!!!!!!!