The first time I discovered there was another El Paso County outside of Texas was all thanks to a chat room. I was a freshman in high school when I discovered there is another county with the same name as ours hundreds of miles away. Not only that, I learned about it from a random stranger then who is now a long distant good friend. It's a hilarious story to look back at and laugh about it now.

I started talking to my good friend Bryan through chat, then in time bumped up to video chat. When we first told each other that we lived in El Paso I wish we would've also clarified the state. Basically, after spending a good amount of time video chatting we decided to meet up. I had sent him the addy of the coffee shop I had arrived at when he calls saying he won't be able to meet. Turns out the El Paso County he was talking about is over 500 miles away in Colorado.

El Paso County in Texas differs from El Paso County in Colorado in many ways. One perfect example is the difference in the type of weather we have throughout the year. What we (El Pasoans in Texas) consider cold is actually a piece of cake to others living in colder temperatures. Our winter is nothing compared to their freezing temps in El Paso County (Colorado). Now El Paso County in Colorado averages about 60 inches of snow per year. While El Paso County in Texas averages a whopping 3 inches of snow per year. One thing we beat them in by a smudge is having about an extra 50 sunnier days added to our calendar. I've always said I never liked the cold weather and happy to be living in what we call the Sun City.

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