Santa can now carry a concealed handgun while out delivering presents this year. At least he can in El Paso County.

The El Paso county sheriff's office Tweeted this out the other day and it somehow landed on El Paso Twitter, leading everyone to believe it's the Sun City. However, I regret to inform you that this is NOT the city of the 915- it's actually El Paso County- COLORADO.

If you don't already know, Colorado has its very own El Paso! It's quite comical actually, every time I search for El Paso on Twitter, or even on Reddit, I sometimes get the El Paso in Colorado; and I'm more than sure that those in El Paso County, Colorado sometimes end up getting some of our stuff!

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Nevertheless, this is came up on Twitter and immediately received backlash. It was even worthy of ridicule from Trevor Noah and the Daily Show:

Many found it in bad taste considering the recent school shooting in Michigan.

All the backlash of course, prompted the El Paso County Sheriff's Department to reply:


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