Time again for the fastest couple of minutes in radio .. Motorcycle Monday!!

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Chad Reed still seeing little tweety birds in his helmet after last weeks adventure!  Earlier this week he said he had to take it kind of easy getting ready for this weekend:

"I'm still feeling the after-affects of the crash at Millville, but day-by-day, I'm feeling better. We have two weekends off after Washougal, which is nice to know, as it's easier to tell my body it just has to step it up for one more 10-hour day before getting a rest. After Saturday, I will worry about the hurting. I don't have one particular thing that is injured - I'm sore all over. I hit my head pretty decent in the crash, so I'm laying low this week from on-the-bike training."  

Catch Chad Reed (departing at Gate 5!!) here via youtube.com.

Can you believe he actually jumps right up, gets back on the bike and back in the race?? I'd STILL be laying there.  ("Super Reed" made it all the way back to a 14th place finish!!) 

Enough about last weeks accidents .. let's move on to THIS weeks accidents! It's Trey Canards' turn to watch the little birdies.  He goes down in the second Moto, tumbles down a hill and breaks himself! 

This isn't the best quality .. and it runs on well past the crash .. but watch Treys boo-boo here via youtube.com!!  (Trey had said earlier that his goal was to reach the podium EVERY week.  Apparently, not this one though!)  

This causes a "restart" and out of  THAT gate, my man Dungey just launches out!!  Smokes through turn 1, gets out front and stays there. Halfway through, Dungeys wayyyy ahead of Villopoto and he keeps it that way right down to the end and the checkered flag!

The podium goes to Dungey, Villopoto and Metcalf.

In the lites, the big three (Wilson, Baggett and Rattray) are bar to bar and the win goes to Wilson.  Rattray second and Bagget third, these guys are so close in points. The next few races are going to be hard core!!


Villopoto in first now with 341, Dungey has second with 340 and Reed has fallen to third with 332.

For the lites it's Wilson at 346, Ratray at 333 and Baggett with 329!

For the rest of the points .. and more pictures and cool stuff .. visit supercross.com!

Locally, this weekends run was cancelled so that's it!  We're done .. Motorcycle Monday, every Monday courtesy of Santa Teresa Motorsports on KLAQ!!