Back in the day you had to own a DVD that looped a video of a fireplace, and you had to restart the thing every hour or so. Now? Any fireplace can be a screensaver. At the drop of a hat!

But, before we get to screensavers.

Here are some Whataburger Wallpapers that are available to download for your computer, phone, or go ahead and print it out to wallpaper the foyer.


All images are easily downloadable. And for the record, I am not being paid by Whataburger. Not yet.

Screensavers can be a bit more difficult when it comes to making one of your own.

Having an app like WG Screensaver Creator is nice because it allows you to import image files of the formats BPM, JPG, ICO and GIF. It also supports SWF (Flash) video files. You can give your screensaver a name, preview it, customize the image size, the transition interval and the background color, and click "Create Screensaver" to install it onto your computer.

First you will need to convert your YouTube video from FLV (flash video) format to SWF (small web) format. This is an easy, to-the-point, directive of how to do that. 

So... now you have all the steps to make this your screensaver. A beautiful, TEXAS, Whataburger fireplace. Complete with burgers. Just make sure you don't take an ACTUAL bite.

Too much for you? Click Here to learn how to make a YouTube video your wallpaper if you're a Windows user. Make it easy on yourself. Click Here to learn how to make a YouTube video your wallpaper if you're a Mac user. TəˈME toʊ, TəˈMAH toʊ. 


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