Motorcycle  Monday Rides again!!

Time again for Motorcycle Monday! Brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports, 910 Livingston. Follow Country Club to the river and you’ll see them on your left! Parts, accessories and, of course, MOTORCYCLES! Have you set up your very own Victory test ride yet??  It’s easy, just click this link!!

This weekend, the party was in Oakland for Round 4 and it was a good week for Bubba!

Weimer gets the hole shot in heat 1 and the usual suspects go at it! Bar to bar it’s Dungey, Windham, Reed and Metcalfe.

Heat 2 …. Stewart and Villopoto ready for business. Stewart takes the hole shot, but Andrew Short grabs the lead. For a minute anyway … Stewart relieves him of that burden and Villopoto slides under him to take second place off his mind as well!!

Into the last lap, Villopoto cranks out the fastest lap of the evening but it’s not enough as Stewart baaaaaaarely takes the win. See? As long as he doesn’t fall off, Bubba can be pretty bad-ass!! Villopoto gets second, and Short third; followed by Braytom and Milsaps.

It ain’t over yet though … Main Event:

Chad Reed takes an early lead with Dungey waaaayyyyy back. (WTF?? C'mon Dungey!!)

He works his way up but 1, 2 and 3 are Stewart, Reed and Villopoto ... all pretty safe in their positions!

Ultimately Dungey makes it to fourth but first, second and third go in the books as Stewart, Reed and Villopoto!  (Full points and standings below!)

Chad Reed had the best quote afterwards;

You look at the points, and it's not that bad. I got a good start, but I rode like a little girl. I hope I won't do that in the future. The track was tricky. The moisture was coming up and the lines changed a little bit

Like a little girl he says ..... apparently he hangs out with some pretty intense little girls!!

Trey Canard and Ryan Morais update!  They are healing nicely; check out a bunch of get well wishes for them from fans and friends!

Locally, Barnett and United Blood Services had their 12th annual "Bad To The Last Drop” blood drive this weekend.

TONS of riders showed up to donate. A record has been set at this event just about every year and I’m sure this year is probably no different!! When I have the final donation total, I’ll post it here on!

That’s It for this week. From here on out, the Spring riding season starts kicking into high gear! Find out what all is going on Wednesday at the Februaru Coalition Of Clubs meeting which will be at the American Legion Hall on Shell St. 7pm!!

There it went … the fastest couple of minutes in radio, Motorcycle Monday! Every week thanks to Santa Teresa Motorsports  on KLAQ!!  

250 West 15 Lap Main Event Results

1.Eli Tomac - HON

2.Marvin Musquin - KTM

3.Zach Osborne - YAM

4.Ryan Sipes - YAM

5.Matt Moss - KTM

6.Travis Baker - HON

7.Nico Izzi - YAM

8.Max Anstie - HON

9.Martin Davalos - SUZ

10.Dean Wilson - KAW

11.Cole Seely - HON

12.Jason Anderson - SUZ

13.Billy Laninovich - HON

14.Gavin Faith - HON

15.Gareth Swanepoel - YAM

16.Michael Leib - HON

17.Vince Friese - HON

18.K Rusk - HON

19.Ryan Marmont - KTM

20.T Ingals - HON

Supercross 20 Lap Main Event Results

1.James Stewart - YAM

2.Chad Reed - HON

3.Ryan Villopoto - KAW

4.Ryan Dungey - KTM

5.Andrew Short - HON

6.Kevin Windham - HON

7.Davi Millsaps - YAM

8.Jake Weimer - KAW

9.Justin Brayton - HON

10.Josh Hansen - KAW

11.Mike Alessi - SUZ

12.Kyle Chisholm - KAW

13.Broc Tickle - KAW

14.Brett Metcalfe - SUZ

15.Nick Wey - KAW

16.Cody Mackie - KAW

17.Weston Peick - KAW

18.Rob Kiniry - YAM

19.Ben Lamay - YAM

20.Kyle Partridge - KAW

250 West Point Standings

1.Eli Tomac - 88

2.Dean Wilson - 73

3.Zach Osborne - 67

4.Marvin Musquin - 64

5.Tyla Rattray - 60

6.Cole Seely - 57

7.Jason Anderson - 53

8.Nico Izzi - 46

9.Max Anstie - 45

10.Ryan Sipes - 42

11.Matt Moss - 39

12.Travis Baker - 38

13.Billy Laninovich - 35

14.Michael Leib - 29

15.Martin Davalos - 27

16.Vince Friese - 25

17.Teddy Maier - 21

18.Wil Hahn - 13

19.Champion, Faith, Swanepoel - 10

Supercross Point Standings

1.Chad Reed - 85

2.Ryan Dungey 85

3.Ryan Villopoto - 83

4.James Stewart - 73

5.Jake Weimer - 61

6.Kevin Windham - 58

7.Andrew Short - 52

8.Josh Hansen - 47

9.Brett Metcalfe - 45

10.Davi Millsaps - 42

11.Mike Alessi - 38

12.Justin Brayton - 37

13.Kyle Chisholm - 34

14.Broc Tickle - 30

15.Ivan Tedesco - 21

16.Nick Wey - 16

17.Trey Canard - 14

18.Weston Peick - 10

19.Kyle Partridge - 10

20.Chris Blose - 9