Today 30 years ago, one of my favorite band Motley Crue, released their fourth album Girls, Girls, Girls! This is when the bad boys of rock really brought out their own bag of decadence, time to party!

You know for a band that was thought to be done they sure surprised the world with this stripped down and new look, and attitude. That's right Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, Tommy Lee and Vince Neil brought back raunchy rock and it was beautiful. The year was 1987 and not only did they put out a fantastic album (my opinion) but the songs released will stand the test of time. Go to any strip club around the world and eventually you will hear the first track Girls, Girls, Girls at any given moment.

One of the best live videos I've ever seen that truly showed this band's attitude was "Wild Side". The band was definitely in the groove plus Tommy Lee's 360 degree rotating drum kit was worth the price of admission.

Those of you too young to remember or who weren't born yet check out this album and keep in mind this is when rock was at it's height of awesomeness! So, happy anniversary to the Hollywood bad boys Motley Crue!