Well we recently learned that while cuffing season is in full swing, Texas is probably not the best place to be; even worse, El Paso was the worst city to find a partner for cuffing season!

El Paso worst city for Cuffing Season
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First things first, if you're not entire sure what cuffing season is, it's real simple: it's basically when single people settle into temporary relationships to get through the winter. Some relationships rarely survive to spring break; others can last awhile! Cuffing season can mean something different for everyone, but, the whole point is to have someone to just keep you warm for the winter!

As it turned out, Texas is not an ideal place to be for cuffing season- and El Paso ranked as the worst city for cuffing season. But today, I come with good news; there is at least ONE Texas city that is perfect for cuffing season!

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A new survey found the best romantic cities in the United States, and one Texas city made the list: Marble Falls, Texas!

Marble Falls, Texas is a lake city- which already sounds like a great place. But apparently Marble Falls is a known romantic getaway city! There are plenty of romantic things to do- and they have a whole website dedicated to it! There's a winery, a beautiful bed and breakfast and beautiful views of the lake.

One of the most popular romantic destinations in Marble Falls is the Bay View Restaurant- where romance is definitely in the air.

With all the romantic destinations in Marble Falls, it'll be hard finding a cuffing season partner there!

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