The cuffing season starts on November 5th so it's time to find that special someone you'll care about for at least a few months. Usually, it starts getting cold on Halloween night, but this year 2020 can't give us a break and the borderland began feeling chilly early this year. We're still deep in the trenches of the coronavirus pandemic, which means combined with the flu, our hospitals are facing a dire situation. We're already seeing a tsunami of patients, and officials are scrambling. 2020 really is the worst.

Since the very thought of attending a social gathering can lead to a panic attack, singles are starting the cuffing season early this year. The cold weather, the holidays, and the faint smell of impending doom in the air has led to singles hitting the dating apps hard to find that special someone they can snuggle with and argue about what to watch next on Netflix. There were lots of singles who decided during the first quarantine to settle down and may continue through the rest of the year, but others are just starting. The warmer weather and blind optimism of folks allowed still seeing others by social distancing outdoors, but now the freezing temperatures are forcing us inside. This is the perfect time during a pandemic to find that person you feel comfortable bringing to your zoom get-togethers. Or is that trend finally over? Any way you look at it, cuffing season is upon us and it's time to make your selections. So why do people decide to get attached during the colder months? There really is some science behind it you can read about here.

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