After people heard the "Ghost Adventures" show was back in the Borderland, there were lots of great recommendations for them to visit. Check them out here.

Yesterday, we broke the news that the Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" show was back in the area filming for another future episode. That got us, and the KLAQ community thinking, where else should they go visit? Where would YOU like for them to investigate?

Here are the top recommendations we received on the KLAQ Facebook page:

WARNING: We are not advising our listeners or anyone to go out and investigate any of these sites. We are merely retelling stories listeners brought to our attention. If you go out and get arrested because you did something stupid we are not responsible. Trust us, ask the guys who went to Concordia to play Pokemon Go.

Del Norte Heights Elementary School

KLAQ Facebook Page

Never had a reason to go into this elementary school and now I have a reason to NEVER go into this school. Good looking out Josie.

La Ascension

KLAQ Facebook Page

Mike Tipton lives in that area and says he has never seen or heard of anything happening out there. I feel like I've heard about stuff happening out there before so I'm going to make sure to never head out that way.

Goodwill on Montana

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Razzie had some specific stories and I would be really interested to have someone go there and see how haunted it is. Seems like the place to be if you're into the supernatural. But I'm not so I'd pay someone to go.

Abandoned Church in Fabens

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I may not be from El Paso but this is one of those places I heard about before I even saw it. The Ghost Adventures guys would love to check this place out.

Monteleones Restaurant

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This restaurant was featured on Syfy Channel's "Paranormal Witness". The show wrote an in-depth history of the restaurant you can check out on their website. I got about halfway through the story before I decided that even if that restaurant had the best food in the entire world, I won't go there. I'll order takeout from there instead.

House on North Loop

After looking into this Angie let us know that the house is now torn down, but it makes you wonder if the land it stood on is still haunted. Guess we will only find out when someone b builds something on top of it.

El Paso High School

Out of over 130 comments, over 70% said to check out the high school. Unfortunately, the school has never given permission for any paranormal research to be done on the premises. There are tons of stories from faculty, students and visitors who say they have experienced some sort of other world presence at the school. Our sources say that the school won't allow research to be done there because then students and faculty can ask to not go to that school. Or maybe it's to keep people from trying to attend that school. Either way, if I went to that school I would pretend I saw a ghost and ran and thats why I ditched P.E. I don't think it would work but its worth a try!