After the success of their Halloween episode that featured Concordia Cemetery, looks like the guys are back to adventure in the area!

Back in July, the hosts of Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" came to the Sun City to do a Halloween special on our Concordia Cemetery. The episode was big news, not because of ghosts, but because of a trespassing incident that happened during filming. Now, it looks like the guys are back in the area, although we don't know where they are heading exactly.

On co-host Aaron Goodwin's Snapchat and Instagram, you can see him flying into El Paso and traveling down Interstate 10. When they pass Concordia Cemetery, he tells fellow host Billy Tolley "There it is! Oh my God the cemetery! Concordia! Remember the Halloween episode? You remember that place." Colley replies with, "that is one scary cemetery, I'll tell ya that right now."

Check out Aaron Goodwin's Twitter for more updates as to where exactly the duo are headed.

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