PR Newswire recently posted a story about what the most common distractions are while driving. The survey was missing one distraction that needed to be there, because I'm pretty sure that the most common distraction is someone's own colon, because their head is so far up their own a** that that's all they can see. But anyway, here's the list.

  1. Eating or drinking - 45%
  2. Phone calls - 44%
  3. Adjusting the radio - 43%
  4. Texting - 38%

I have a feeling that the texting percentage is a bit low. I see lots of people stopped at a red light typing on their phone. Now you might think that doing it at a red light is okay. In Florida, that's actually the law. No texting while driving, but if you are stopped at a red light, you can text all you want. One problem with this. The person texting isn't paying attention to the light or the cars in front of them.