Serious question to those in this wonderful state, how many cars do you think there are? Data shows there are over 29 million individuals in this state, and thankfully we've got the answer. TxDOT's data shows over 22 million automobiles in our great state.

Wow, honestly, I personally thought it was little bit more. At least maybe 25 million in the state. So there's many wheels on the Texas roadways at all times.

But here's the thing though, we all think we see the same cars on the roadway. While yes we may see the same car twice in the same day, there always going to be multiple types here. But which the most spotted vehicle in the state you wonder?

Well that data exists, so let's find out shall we?

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The Number One Driven Car In Texas Is...

First things first, no single manufacturer has what we'd call a major influence in the Lone Star State. Yes, according to Savings Club, Toyota is current leader at 36% of car owned brands in TX, but Nissan, Ford, and Chevrolet also have double digit percentages in the Lone Star car pool.

So enough talk, let's reveal the number one car you'll probably see in Texas. Drum roll's the Toyota Camry! Yes, according to House Grail, the Camry took the top spot. Which sort of makes sense considering Toyota does have a presence in Texas.

Do you think you see other types of cars more than just a Toyota Camry? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE station app by using the chat feature!

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