It always fascinates me to come across videos of abandoned buildings -- and as it turns out, there are quite a few in Arizona.

There is beauty in structures that have been abandoned and left to the elements. Whether they are very deteriorated, or still in reasonable condition, it's cool to see them and imagine what they would have looked like in their prime.

I'm not one to go exploring inside abandoned structures -- although I will stop to admire them from afar. When I want a glimpse inside forgotten buildings I enjoy watching videos of people who have ventured inside. I do have to note that exploring within the walls of some abandoned structures is illegal, so to avoid trouble always seek permission first!

Most recently I saw someone exploring an abandoned place in Arizona called the Gold King Mansion, and the place actually has an interesting history.

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What was the Gold King Mansion?

What remains of the Gold King Mansion is nestled in the Hualapai Mountains, and you can tell what is now crumbling was once a striking show of luxury.

Before the mansion was built in the area, the Gold King Mine was opened in 1929, not far from Kingsman, AZ. Shortly after in 1930 construction of the manor began, with the intention of providing miners with good sleeping conditions, bathrooms, and electricity, according to Atlas Obscura. However, the concrete structure was not used for that at all, but rather a place to "Wine and dine potential stockholders."

It seems this elaborate maor was built for little use though, as the mine went inactive from 1934 - 1941. Then from 1942 - 1947, the mine was used again but only produced small quantities.

Today some are trying to preserve what is left

Gold King Mansion certainly isn't what it used to be -- now with some crumbling areas, stolen interior elements, overgrowth, and other signs of abandonment. However, knowing its history gives you a new perspective on what it used to be.

Only in Your State reports that much of the structure's decorative interior had been gone or vandalized by the 1970s. The building is now overseen and protected by the Bureau of Land Management and Arizona site Stewards.

Hopefully, future generations will be able to continue visiting the site and learning about what it used to be.

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